Sunday, September 7, 2008


Why The Left Must Destroy Palin

For the last year feminists, Democrats and various other devotees of multicultural college-speak (i.e., the first Asian-American female sewer commissioner in the history of Los Angeles County, yeah!!!) have been telling Americans how impressed and proud they should be of Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy.

And yet now, with another women - Gov. Sarah Palin - running for the country's second-highest office, these same people are doing everything they can to destroy this woman's historic run. In addition to the usual left leaning writers and politicos, female celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey and Jamie Lee Curtis have been making sure American women get the message that Palin "isn't welcome into the feminist club."

All of this was fairly clear to me right away. It wasn't Clinton gender's that was important, is was her feminist credentials: pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, clearly more identified with career aspirations than family (one child is enough for any woman!) as well as being a person shaped by 1960s-era politics and themes.

I then guessed that the attacks on Palin were centered on her solid pro-life credentials, or perhaps it was her Christianity (although I haven't heard her talk about her faith in any detail), but somehow I couldn't put my finger on the exact reason she was such a threat to the left. And then I read Deal W. Hudson's article in

Mr. Hudson sums it up all so clearly:

"The Palin factor, in this way, introduces something entirely new in American politics. Until now, a traditional woman was never envisioned as the leader of a major political party, because feminism was assumed to be a requirement for women leaders in cultural and political life.

The viciousness of the media attack surrounding Palin's nomination was fueled by its implicit repudiation of the feminine mystique. Whether they are aware of it or not, I believe the thousands of Republicans who cheered Governor Palin were expressing their relief at a woman political leader created outside the mold of Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi."

What if a Christian, pro-life, rural mom with five kids, who was also smart, attractive and professionally successful, became vice president? Young American girls might have a new role model for success other than the 60's era dinosaurs - now that's the threat.


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